Woven Tales

Phew! The last couple of weeks have been truly exhausting but I’m slowly rejuvenating. So remember I mentioned that my best friend was getting married? Well she got married! Gasp!! I’m still in denial that she got married but I’m learning to accept it.. just kidding Natu! I love you! So yes, back to the wedding, it was magnificent and a complete blast with a bunch of us have a mini reunion on the side! The bride, Natasha, looked totally gorgeous and I just couldn’t stop staring at her. At one point I was standing, ogling at her and hear two ladies discuss just how ‘beautiful’ the bride is, and I completely agreed with them!

I should also mention that this wedding was organized in a span of less than 5 months, without any “bridezilla” moments! They pulled it off and it was one hell of a wedding! I was home when Natasha told me she’s getting married, making it the perfect time to raid my mother’s closet for a sari! My mum’s sari collection ranges from Bandhani saris to vintage brocade saris passed down by her mother! I especially love eyeing the ones handed down to her because I feel they carry with them stories woven beautifully into the majestic fabric. However the klutz that I am, I’m too scared to even touch these precious saris, so I thought I’d opt for something a little less vintage! I knew exactly which sari I wanted to take along with me, its a beautiful soft silk sari with bold watercolor florals on the border and pallu. My memory of this sari- everytime my mum wore it, she was the most beautiful woman to me and the colours on it were as vibrant as her personality. The mukesh embroidered gold dots on the sari made her sparkle and shine to her brightest. Like any girl whose raided her mum’s wardrobe, you can understand that the memories and emotions I hold with this sari are something that are quite unexplainable. I very carefully folded this sari and carried it across continents with me, so I could wear it to my best friend’s wedding.

Once I was back I had to get a blouse stitched and my very talented friend Matthew was going to have the challenge to match up a blouse to this sari! After trial and fit sessions, I got my perfect blouse and I especially love the little origami butterflies he added to the strings- that’s genius right! For the jewelry I tried to keep it minimal, as bling in Delhi heat isn’t a very good combination for me! Arjun, the groom gave me a lovely pair of jhoomkhis for my birthday that were perfect for the sarI and I thought it suited the occasion well! And I finally got to wear my Aparna Toor’s ghungroo bangles!!

Now when I see the sari, I’ve got my own story woven along with my mother’s into every weft and warp, hoping to weave in many more!

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