I’m a complete sucker for anything and everything sweet. Offer me anything with sucre and I’ll gladly have it! But as we all know, that’s not a very good thing! So in an attempt to be healthy and still indulge in some sweet cravings, I baked myself some wholesome goodies! Chocolate cookies sans the white flour and less sugar- did it taste just as good as normal chunky chocolate cookies? Hell ya!! I also added in a few sprinkles to trick my mind into thinking I’m evil! The recipe is pretty simple and I took it off my mum’s whole wheat cookie recipe, but added in a bit of my evilness.

Please check here for the original wholewheat cookie recipe.

My evil additions:
– Instead of the 2¼ cups of wheat flour, I made in 1¼ wheat flour and 1 cup chocolate powder.
– Instead of orange peel, I added a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg powder (though I do like orange and chocolate)
– Instead of orange juice, I added some vanilla essence.

Voila! And there you have it!

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