Honestly the last couple days have been a whirlwind- complete chaos! Starting a new job, launching a brand and completing off some pending projects. I’m fighting for time and wish there were more then 24 hours to a day. I haven’t seen my friends in forever and I can’t remember the last time I chilled apart from watching “Revenge” at 9pm, if that counts. Have I bitten more than I can chew? Umm I think yes,   but I am my father’s daughter and believe in being a “doer”. I wake up thinking “deadlines, deadlines” but then I also wake up with this energy to achieve the most I can in my day and I think I’m doing what makes me happy. From washing dishes, getting electrical points fixed to reading up on new projects till the wee hours, my days are complete with me giving my 100% to what I need to do to achieve my goals- big or small.  What I’ve learnt from these last few days- consistency and perseverance- sounds like what my mum would say to me.  I know I don’t have an assistant to do a shoot for me or a Man Friday to sort out my mundane home chores, but I have myself to tackle anything that comes my way now. I’m getting charged on “super woman” mode right now! 

Well between all this chaos, I did manage to fit in some “me” time on Sunday. I also managed to give a quick spring clean to my wardrobe, which meant I got to ogle at some clothes I haven’t worn for sometime. I pulled out this printed blazer I got last year from Springbreak and my new H&M top that really really makes me happy. Yup, clothes have the divine power to make you happy!! The sleeveless top has this beautiful gold sequin layering with a sheer fabric on top giving you just the right amount of bling for a day look. Trust me, it really makes you sparkle! The printed blazer is one of my favorites because its lightweight and I love the print, perfect for Bangalore weather. With this look I teamed up a necklace I had bought from Sher Singh when it first launched- it’s now a part of Myntra. The layered chains are ideal to team up with just about any look from kurtas to blouses. 
My favorite part of doing this shoot was putting on some makeup, which I haven’t done for something. I wanted to keep it simple and fresh, so backed away from heavy eye make up and stuck to enough colour for a perfect pout. On my lips I dabbed on Maybelline’s Baby Lips- Berry Crush and Revlon’s Cha Cha Cherry (love the name) which is that perfect shade in between pink and red. I love wearing this colour because it goes with most of my ensembles and it stays on quite long. For my eyes, I lined them with Maybelline’s Gel Eyeliner and Clinique’s Double Dazzle Highlighter, which I just brush over my lids for a little sparkle. Ah! and not to forget some mascara- makes a whole lot of difference I say! I also found myself the most perfect foundation for my skin that really gives a great look to my skin- L’Olreal’s Matte Morphose, which has this fluffy souffle like texture and all you need is a dab of it to blend into your skin. My trick for buying this product- I bought a shade thats a tiny bit darker than my skin, that way I don’t have to bother about looking like snow white but just a fresher and natural me! What beauty products are you girls swearing by this season? 

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  1. Hope you are hitting the gym!All health freaks will claim that time spent on exercising is 'me' time but I seriously don't count it as that.Want a top like yours. I thought the necklace was a Mzuri one. And yes super women can do anything. keeping busy is way better than just lazing your life away.

  2. Hey Nami u look gorgeous….lot of your mom & little bit of your dad;). Am sure next time i meet him will get to hear from him a lot…….lol
    All the best for what you doing.
    Keep smiling:)

  3. I love the sequin-ish blouse, Namrata! It's so pretty. As far as the blazer is concerned, I know I remembered it from somewhere! ^.^ I must look for this shade called Cha Cha Cherry, I've been growing a steady collection of lipsticks during the past few months. I think we can add to our list of mutual interests… Red lipstick! I'm itching to get out of my cast and do, do, do… I'm missing out on some opportunities! Good luck for the coming challenges. I'm thrilled to have found a friend in you. I have to ask you… do you like wearing scarves… accessorising with them? Tell me! 🙂

  4. Hi Ladies! Still facing problems with the individual replies!
    Well Mum, yes I'll make time for the gym or probably try something else 🙂 Maybe next time we meet, you can wear this top!
    Tazz- Thank you so much for the kind words- it's always encouraging!
    Roanna- I feel like calling you "Ro". The Cha Cha Cherry is a beautiful colour and you must check it out. I love scarves, though off late haven't been wearing many. Maybe I should start wearing them soon. How was your day?

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