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What’s my favourite all-time pastime? Finding stuff (duh!). Sometimes I believe that I really should have considered a job in crime scene investigation or opened up a detective agency of my own. Who knows, maybe someday I will and you’ll hire me. Till then Google is my bestest friend who tells me mostly everything I need to know and more. Even how to become a detective *wink*.

Till that happens, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite finds with you weekly. Be it

1/ My garden goals look something like this *dreamy eyes*. Guys, did you know that moss isn’t always green and you get it in brilliant shades of pink? Like seriously, why has no one ever told me about Hitsujiyama Park in Japan? Why, why? If you’re planning a trip to Japan then go during April-May because that’s when this beauty blooms.Hitsujiyama Park


2/ I love kolhapuris. Add tassels and I love them more. These cuties are from Aprajita Toor’s new collection of footwear. The collection has some brights and metallics that would look so fab with summer dresses and stuff. I’m a huge fan and have been since this post.aprajita toor


3/ Lisbeth Salander is back and I just want to skip to October 2018 to watch “The Girl in The Spider’s Web”. However, I’m not too happy with the no-show Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig *bummer*. Rumour has it Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson might be the new Salander. Who would you pick?

Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist


4/ I think I first came across these crazy-but-cool shrines on Pinterest a while back and I absolutely love them. These quirky little shrines called nichos are mostly made of mixed media and act as devotional niches for anything from religion to pop culture. I absolutely adore them. Kind of want to make one with Ganeshji- what you think?Frida Kahlo Nicho

5/ Have you ever wondered how lipsticks are made? Today, I did. Google led me this way to good ol’ Refinery29. I really want to get a customised lipstick- any leads?


Check this out too


  1. Great weekly finds 🙂 I liked those shrines… they will definitely look good with Ganeshjis. And I realized we share the common love – kolapuris. 🙂

  2. Pink moss?! I would love some of that in my garden and not the horrible green stuff that grows here instead. How cool are those shrines, they are very quirky and kitsch.

  3. Love the first two images – the moss is amazing. I have never been to that garden in Japan, now I’ll have to try and get back there. But those shoes are just gorgeous!

  4. Love these; I’m also considering doing a “weekly roundup” sort of series on my blog. I’m a big “Finder” as well!! And always excited to share?

  5. I love those little “shrines”! Although I would probably just leave it as Frida because I adore her work. And that moss is beautiful. I wish I could grow that, but I’m in the desert so I’m not sure it would work 🙁

  6. Quite an interesting fact about lipstick, and yes, thanks to Ms. Google we can find so many interesting facts that part of our daily life. Thanks for your recommendation about Hitsujiyama Park.

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