“We Desi” by Aprajita Toor

Image courtesy: Aprajita Toor Creations

So my long long holiday home is nearly over with just a few more blissful days here and a much awaited trip to Dubai to see my brother! I’m obviously in a ‘bittersweet’ mood because as much as I don’t want to leave home, I do want to get back to Bangalore! I’ve been away for almost three months and in those three months a lot of things have literally popped up that I didn’t quite anticipate! And did I mention that I think 2013 is the year of weddings! I know of friends who have attended at least 4 weddings this year and we’ve only got through 2 months!! But I’m not complaining.. who doesn’t love weddings right? Especially ones where your friends are getting married!!! So a part of my brain has kind of tuned itself to all things ‘shaadi’.. I can’t help it! So I’m going to share anything and everything that I think goes in tune with all the weddings happening around me..
My first pick are these lovely ghungroo bangles! I don’t quite remember where I came across Aprajita’s coveted ghungroo bangles, but I immediately fell in love with them. I googled ‘ghungroo bangles’ and voila there was a page full of these bangles in yummy colours with bright shiny ghungroos. I think it’s ingenious what she’s done with the bangles and highly versatile on my list. She also has a pretty amazing collection of kolhapuris that are perfect to wear under your sarees, lehengas, anarkalis etc.. Check out her FB page for more of her collection!

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