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I have known Vishal for a little less then three months, as we work together. Before doing this writeup, I wondered how to introduce him, and there is just one thing that keeps poping in my mind .i.e. I wish, I designed like he does!!! He’s a designer with insane creativity and I love almost any tee design he does! He has amazing color & composition sensibility! His quirkiness comes across through his designs. There is also another side of Vishal I admire, and thats probably his humbleness! I feel its valued characteristic, especially in our field! I love the intro that he’s written up, so I’ll leave you guys to find out more about Vishal 🙂 I personally love his write up!

We all know that great ideas come while sitting on the pot 😉 Tshirt Baba is one such idea which has been initiated by Vishal Kumar and his friends… with some research in the background they found out the lack of a good in-depth Tshirt blog from India. Tshirt baba will enlighten the world with its gyaan on various Tshirts Blogs, Websites, Designs & Designers prevalent in the market. Baba is very high on tshirts and will spread all his knowledge in the desi-est way on anything and everything related to Tshirts under the sun. Tshirt baba will bring a lot of hope to Tshirt designs enthusiasts, if you think you have got it … we will feature you or your designs or your website. Write to us at Keep is desi & sexy!!

Me, myself and I
I am Vishal J I have been Graphic Designing from as long as I can remember being myself. I started pursuing graphic designing professionally 4 years back. I am an Aerospace Engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur. After realizing my designing bones I cracked NID, Ahmedabad to study Graphic Design as a post graduate student but dropped out to start something of my own. I was born and brought up in Agra, UP and did my schooling from there itself. After finding the dearth of good tshirt designs and reviews from India, I started a blog called where I share my t-shirt prints and views on designer t-shirts in India. I am currently working as Senior Creative Designer at Myntra Designs Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore.

Passionate about it
Back in the time, when I was in my engineering college, It became hard to understand aeronautical equations (which is also very common :P), so I had to choose something free of equations or mathematical relations. I had to break free of them and for that my creative bones and sketching skills helped me , and I started using Photoshop for portraying my imagination in the form of designs. Won various design contests at numerous fests there. It all started at my engineering college 🙂 and I’m happy that I made this decision. 🙂

What inspires you? 

I believe that each and everything which revolves around us, either in physical or in emotional way, is a design. It can be positive or negative but it can be changed and interpreted. I seek inspiration in everything and anything because everything in this world exists for a reason.

Paint, pencil….your medium? 
I use a little bit of sketching to create a raw draft and more of design tools like Illustrator and Photoshop for the final feel. I have never tried my hands on painting or coloring, but it will always be listed in my things to do J better late than never.

I love my t-shirt designs on ‘Shiva, the God’ which can be seen on and my flickr gallery.

T-shirt baba!

Music or chocolate? 
I listen to music all the time, so it has to be music. I don’t like chocolates very much, they are expensive. 😛 Smoking a cigarette is my another way of taking breaks between work.

Design in India have evolved to a great extent nowadays. More and more people have started taking it as a career option. But in my opinion an Indian designer should always try to leave his/her comfort zone to explore more because the possibilities are endless.

Piece of advice
We should always try to come up with simple designs, because it is the fastest and the most effective way to communicate. Simple is sexy J

I ♥ t-shirt designs, graphic novels, transformer toys, products from apple inc. and my family and friends. I recently bought an iPod touch and I’m happy to have it. 🙂

I dream of establishing a designer t-shirt company of my own.

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I wish luck to all the upcoming designers!

“Simple is sexy”!

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  1. ok vishal! since i am first one to always write on your blogs, others' blogs, i should be privileged enough to get one t-shirt free at least!
    ps: i love your write up! you are too cool for school!

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