Vellvette Pouch September

To be quite honest, I was really apprehensive to sign up with Why? I’ve heard some awesome and not so awesome reviews about the whole experience of receiving this goodie box. However last month, feeling in the mood to shell out a little money for an experimental buy, I decided to sign up for the September edition. It was a pocket friendly amount of Rs. 499 and seemed fitting for the 4 products I’d be receiving. What really annoyed me about the process was that I had no idea when it would reach me and despite ordering it at the beginning of the month, I got it almost into October.
Once I got the parcel, I was obviously very excited to see what products I got- it’s like a little surprise package! My first shocker was instead of a box I got a red polka dot pouch, which is fine by me because I love love polka dots! The four products I got were a Sally Hansen nail strengthener, a body lotion from The Nature’s Co., a mirror cum hairbrush from Vellvette and my favourite, the Soho Beauty UK Eyeshadow. I kind of had a mini disaster in all my excitement- in an attempt to try on the nail strengthener, I dropped the bottle and broke it, so no review on it. I wasn’t too keen on the brush and lotion because I already have a million hair brushes and don’t really need another one. With The Nature’s Co. lotion, it does feel nice to put on but in all honesty I’m not a lavender fan and it didn’t keep my hands too moisturised. Here comes the nice part, the eyeshadow!! As soon as I spotted the colours, I literally ripped out this palette from the bubble wrap. I don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow, but don’t mind getting a little experimental once in a while. This palette is perfect because it has the right amount and shades of colour, which means I don’t need to stand in front of make up counters wondering what shades would suit me. I’ve tried out the yellow shade, mixed with a little water and the results were quite satisfactory.
On a whole my experience with Vellvette was bittersweet. I would definitely order it again, but maybe not sign up for a monthly subscription. Wondering what kind of reviews you girls have? Any thoughts?

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