So every now and then you’ve just got to indulge in a pair of shoes that takes you to infinity and back! Did I need them? Ummm, I kind of did and how could I resist that 20% off? So there goes to breaking my “no shopping” resolution! There are two reasons that really made me to buy this pair- who wouldn’t want to own their own little galaxy? And have you ever slipped into a pair of Vans? If you haven’t, you’re kind of missing out on some comfort! My first pair of Vans needed a little breaking into, but this pair was so comfortable and felt like I’ve been kicking around in them for sometime. So my verdict on this pair has to be a 10/10 (even though Abhay has noted on too many occasions that they look like PE shoes splashed with Holi colours.. grrh).
I wore this pair for the first time for a friend’s birthday cum barbeque party and decided to slip on a casual look, something you’d probably find me wearing on the weekend. The shirt is something I picked up from Max last month and I honestly don’t think I’m going to ever tire of wearing denim shirts – Only the denim gods can save me now! I’m officially and shamelessly stating denim shirts as my weekend wear- so if you come across a sexy denim shirt, you know who to pass over the link to!

Just one more thing- I kind of slacked out on my INFB October photo challenge, but you can still have a peep here.

Shoes- Vans            Sunglasses- Forever New
Shirt- Max               Leggings- Ginger
Bracelet- Lekha’s

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♥ Love to Lekha and Abhay for being my team

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