This Brushegg Makeup Cleaner

beautyegg makeup brush cleaner

Do you clean your makeup brushes? No judgement here. But, do you?

Here’s a fact ladies, your makeup brushes harbour more cooties than you know. It’s pretty damn gross really. From your crease brush to your foundation brush, they all have little monsters waiting to wreck your skin. Gasp! So, give your brushes a little TLC and clean them regularly. I’m going to tell you exactly how to clean your makeup brushes with this nifty little silicone brush cleaner and some homemade cleanser.

I got this funny egg-shaped thingy from (actually called Brushegg). I mostly bought it because when I bulk clean my brushes, my fingers get all wrinkly like I’ve been in the pool for too long. With this silicone egg, you can slide it over your fingers, while the ridges gently scrub the bristles without damaging them *precious little brushes*. It’s literally one of my favourite buys ever!

For the cleanser, I use this homemade Youtube favourite which is equal parts olive oil and an antibacterial face wash or liquid soap. As simple as that. Just dip in your brush, give it a scrub with the makeup cleaner and with gentle strokes remove the access water using a clean paper towel.

homemade makeup brush cleaner

Here is the before and after these babies took a bath.

makeup brush cleaner beautyegg

Tip: Sometimes when I want to quickly clean a particular brush, like my smudger, I dab some makeup remover on a paper towel and rub the makeup residue off. But this is only and only when I’m in a real hurry.

What’s the takeaway here? You don’t need to spend your moolah on expensive shit- save that for your next Sephora buy. Got that?

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