The Nykaa Nail Polish Haul

nykaa nail polish

Confession: I bite my nails. I know, I know, I’m gross that way.

The only time I had nails longer than a millimetre was for my wedding, when I got nail extensions done. And trust me, I was in manicure heaven! For the first time, my hands looked worthy of the diamond ring P so generously gave me. I also took a million pictures and would sneakily place my hands in a Kylie-esque pose every time someone said “selfie”. But like all good things, I had to bid adieu to my fake nails and rekindle with my teeny tiny nails *wipes away a tear*.

My little tryst with perfect nails sparked a mini obsession to create a mani bar at home. Also, I have tonnes of time on my hands right now. I already had the basics- nail filer, cutter et al, I just needed a bunch of new nail polishes (excuses, excuses!). I fell hard for all the Nykaa nail polishes and their worthy praise that kept creeping up onto my Insta feed. So, in Pavlovian style, I went to Nykaa, got destroyed by the the selection and picked up not one but four colours. Also, I sneaked in a lipstick because a little self-love is always good, right?!

My first pick was a beautiful trio that Nykaa has dubbed as the “Wedding Essentials Combo“. The colours to bag are Red Velvet, Strawberry Tart and Watermelon Sorbet *yummalicious*. The hues are basics that every mani kit MUST have. My verdict- these colours are sooo gorgeous and trust me, they last pretty damn long.

With the essentials done, I wanted to experiment a little and picked up Black Cherry Pie that is a rich and mysterious dark plum. What’s to love about this one? It’s freaking matte! This one’s a sidekick for fall/winter leather jacket type ensembles.

After trying out these colours over a month, these little gems have me wrapped around their brushes. Currently, I’m showing off how Black Cherry Pie looks on my Insta. You like?

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