The Neem Regime: DIY Face Pack

neem and honey face mask

A few months back, I would have shuddered at the thought of neem. It brings back not-so-fond memories of my granny soaking us in a neem bath when the three of us (siblings) made a pack to get chicken pox at the same time. 22 years later its not the pox but adult acne that brings neem and me together again- hello old friend! This time round, I was much nicer and allowed my mum to make me a homemade neem face pack that quite frankly wasn’t bad at all. Plus, I’m not an ungrateful moron that would surpass my mother’s love.

As for the neem, don’t let the bitter smell fool you, bro! With all its healing powers and anti-inflammatory properties, this green baby deserves some love. Ask Google if you don’t believe me. Properties that had me at hello?

  • It helps keep the acne at bay
  • It heals blemishes way better than tea tree oil
  • It’s non-drying and comes with natural oils to keep the skin hydrated
  • It kills ’em bacteria
  • It brings out the hulk in you

While you can find some readymade neem face packs, I decided to go all natural and use the powdered leaves mum gave me. I kept this pack simple by mixing in a little honey (also anti-inflammatory) and a little prayer that my blemishes disappear.

neem and honey face pack

Well, the prayer didn’t work so well, but I left on the pack for fifteen minutes, painted my nails with my new Nykaa polish (so in love) and washed it off to find my skin squeaky clean. What worked well? Since the last two neem masks, my face hasn’t broken out again, which means I’m keeping this one as a weekly ritual.

Now, your turn. You try and tell.

P.S. I sent P a picture of me with the pack on and he replied “have you put chutney?”. ROFL.

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  1. Lol at the chutney comment! I’ve never heard of need before but have heard that honey has anti-inflammatory properties in it, also cumin is known for its anti-inflammation but have never used it myself. Good luck in keeping the acne at bay

  2. Oh this sounds like a worth to try out! I’ll be saving this for later when I actually got some time to do so haha 😀
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  3. Hi! Thanks for this post! Been looking for a mask DIY good for acne prone skin. May I ask what are the contents of the powdered leaves? What leaves are in it? And will this be good for an Oily Skin type face?

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