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So I went to the Kala Madhyam Mela, got absorbed into it entirely and had a great day of crafty shopping. As most other melas around the city, the craftsmen and products were the same, nothing exponentially new, but did manage to find the odd new product. For a peak….

Having worked with a block printing boutique, block printing fascinates me and I have a great respect for the printers who with great passion and intricacy, carve and print the beautiful textiles we wear! Most blocks are made from seesham wood. There was a stall with pretty blocks of all sizes, shapes and designs!

The paper craft industry has flourished over the last few years, creating versatile designs and products. Mostly coming from Rajasthan and Auroville, the beautiful products have found themselves a place in the international market, promoting eco friendly paper! Next time you want to grad yourself a notebook … consider picking up these beautiful hand made paper books.

I found these wooden carved men really colorful and fun! I love their big moustaches and their painted in a playful manner! The stall had them in all sizes…small, medium, big! Pick and chose your man!
I’m in absolute love of these leather puppets from Andra Pradesh! Their so vivid and would definitely catch anyone’s attention. At the mela they had life size Hanuman and Ram puppets! The puppets look like they have a story to tell of their own. Known as ‘Tholu Bommalata’ these puppets are used to depict Indian epics. An art form on it own, I would love to watch a show..

The craft from namma Bengaluru! Channapatna toys are famous across the globe, and are protected by GI. I love the distinct forms and laquer based colors of these toys! For any visitor to Karnataka, a Channapatna toy should be a must buy!

Playing with Ganesha! Clay Ganeshjis’ are one of my favorite mela buys! There was still stall, which had tonnes and tonnes of Ganeshjis’ in playful moods, on slides, bathing in water, in lotuses.. it went on an on! They were so adorable! Totally worth it…

The leather craft of Rajasthan, is disitinctive becuase of its ari work on the camel leather. Over the years, the chappal designs have changed, the colors used have become brighter and the fan following has increased. I fell in love with the bags they had this year at the mela, and just couldn’t resist buying one 🙂

I finish of my exciting mela post with these beautiful ceramics! For those of you who missed it, I hope this gives a feel of what the mela was this year.. Enjoy!

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