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Once again its time for TenOnTen! This week Natasha Tyagi will featuring on the TenOnTen round. I feel almost jittery doing this post! Why? Well Natasha is probably one of the closest people to me, she knows me in and out! So doing this round with her, I hope to do justice introducing this lady!Well since this is my blog, I’m going to get personal…I’ve know Natasha for around five years now.. and there is just one thing that would describe our relationship.. easy! She’s the most forgiving, diplomatic and passionate person, I have known! I admire the strenght and motivation she has to never give up! She’s also got this amazing persona, that allows her to handle any situation with class and elegance.. we call her Swiss Socialite!! She’ll probably be one of those amiable people you come across and fall for instantly! She also gives the best advice in the world, be it boyfriend problems or design directions.
Natasha as a designer… when I think of her design sense and understanding, she can probably send Tricia Guild to the grave! She has flourished as a designer, over the last few years bringing to me the “vintage” world! She has a distinct style in design.. and her favorite color is Turquoise!!! She has an age old romantic touch to her designs.. and I absolutely love them!

Natasha, you continue to make the sun shine through on all my gloomy days! You have your first fan in me..

       ME , MYSELF AND I
The most difficult thing to answer is who you are and inevitably it’s the only answer I know without any missing details. I was born in Bangalore 23yrs back n soon after life moved me to all kinds of places in India. With my dad being a doctor in the Indian airforce two things were for sure one , you’ll never have to pay for medical consultation and two you’ve always got a second chance. These second chances came whenever we moved form one post to another. Every three years or so I could reinvent myself into being whoever I wanted to be for a span of another three years.. in about sixteen years I realized I was most comfortable being myself…
I would describe myself in clear terms just as Linda Goodman would describe a LIBRAN. Balance is the key to my happiness. God forbid the scales tip on either side and you’ve got one hellova confused Libran who tends to get over emotional and ultimately lets go in order for the one above to bring back these scales in form. Usually though the one above comes in form of people I know! I am most comfortable being around an easy set of no extra fuss friends and family that has bigger issues with the gardener and not me!
To ease my super troubled mind I move to what most of us on this forum would agree to … design, art or just the sheer ability we have ‘to create’.
As a child we’ve all taken our time to realize what we want to be. This option changed on almost a weekly basis for someone as confused as me! if I were to be all what I thought I’d be , by today I would have been in a space shuttle by NASA that would’ve been traveling under water, treating a dog while saving the planet by using green fuel created by naturally existing oxygen created by the Nobel peace prize winner, ME…. see that’s why we need the word IF!!
Things changed this one morning on my way to school in seventh grade , where my darling sister comes up to me and said you know what else you can be ‘a designer’!! that night the almighty must have slept well cause he had been giving my hints all throughout , eventually though he had to try something utterly direct with me.
I worked my rear end off to get into the best schools of design in India. While my family had no doubts whatsoever about me n design , they did worry how I was going to pass my usual school lessons!
I do believe that God genuinely wanted me to get into NIFT and hence switched my math papers with someone who got a sixty on hundred, considering I attempted only for forty five!! I passed both NIFT and school.
Ever played a song that is one of your current favorites and seen how the world entirely moved to that tune? or wondered how that plant grew in your side lawn all of a sudden..? there was broken chair there a while back!
No science has been good enough of explain the theory behind unconditional love. No science ever will…
That’s what inspires me…
The first time I saw  a firefly , first time I rode a bicycle, first time I fell In love and the first time I saw my design, my thought, being woven…
It’s the magic of life that inspires me.
Everyday I see something I wonder how I missed.
 And every moment I have is something I have wished…
Color , the most beautiful thing created for recognition.
I love it when the tip of my paint brush magically sweeps on that piece of paper to bring alive whats in my mind. My medium is definitely paints, mostly water based or simple plain poster paints, primarily because they involve less fuss and dry up faster.
Beyond what I create with hand its amazing to see one of the softwares help you see the almost real picture. I’ve naturally been lured by technology to take me under its wing and play around with it beyond my imagination.
One never forgets the first moments of anything you’ve waited for, for umpteen years. It would be the same with me. After four long years of contemplating whether you’re a good designer or not based on weekly scores, we finally got sponsored for our graduation projects and started our journey into finally making our thoughts come alive. Every piece I worked for in these six months came out like new borns that made me cry. But my best work, and I judge it by the fact that I still love looking at it, has to be my document. If I were to redo it , every word , every page would still be in the exact same format as it was made then. It reflected my most personal thoughts on design and brings out the best of my design flavor.


Considering that my sweet tooth died when I took birth, music came to my rescue! It has to be the best way to get those creative juices flowing. Being a complete bollywood freak, typical love songs with a lot of aalaaps and corny lyrics manages very well to get my mind into its best working condition. Good sleep is another catalyst that helps me be my active best. Some of my best work has been when I’m completely by myself , content and in love!
Design as a lay man would understand is someone who follows vogue, has a good dressing sense and a lot of free time. For those of us who actually do it, its no child’s play. It needs market understanding, number crunching and technical’s that will blow your mind away. Being the textile hub, India with its rich cultural history in textile design has always managed to rope in people from foreign land and excite them with various forms of textiles our country has to offer. My take of design in India is no BIG industry name or fancy store, the real sense of Indian design lies in our craftsmen. Ranging from ari work in Kashmir to the kaanjivarams of Karnataka, each form of textile is so unique and painstakingly precise, it’s unbelievable how our craftsmen have given every bit of their time and thought into creating things we usually bargain for in our markets. I hope as Indian we stop the process of overpaying at foreign brands and haggling with our own craft people, who are still much underpaid and slowly loosing the enthusiasm to carry on tradition due to their craft not being able to support their daily needs. It would be my sincere request to all designers to take time off and create awareness through their sources, to bring about a change in attitude towards the dying arts and craft of traditional India. 


My past experiences have taught me one very important lesson. Never be afraid to try once more, if it didn’t come out right this time, don’t consider the first thought to be a false alarm. Give it one more shot and another and another, make it work, because that thought is waiting to be created. Don’t let it down.

            I HEART
My journey into falling in love with textile design happened when someone suggested I read up on William morris. One of the best and classic designs ive seen till date has been his work. A great revolutionary and poet, his work involves the kind of vintage aesthetic I long for to show up in mine. Every piece made by William Morris has managed to leave its mark in the field of textile design. A pioneer in himself , his original designs are still available under the name of his company william morris and co.  www.williammorrisandco.com  .
Botanical artists have had an age old relationship with textile designers. They have always managed to inspire us with their detaild art. One of favourites being the collection of roses by Redoute .
Another one of current favourite designers would have to be Amy Butler, her books on designs are so approachable and have so much to learn from. Especially when it comes to where she gets inspiration from. Its pure adorable.


Oh! I dream of so much… I dream of having my own little store that is purely made on the concrete foundation of design and for the love of creation. I dream of textile being cheap enough for every man, woman and child to afford. I dream of a day when craftsmen don’t need an NGO to support them. I dream of silk being adorned by every woman rich or poor and of designs that change the way the world works. It’s been a while since we’ve had a revolution!!
Follow my work on www.zuddha.in . it’s a one of a kind store that offers you allover embroidery  on Indian women’s wear ,at very affordable prices. Also join Zuddha on facebook and do leave your comments on what you’d like to see and what you think of the current collection.
It’s a wonderful place, where I am currently working and yes I manage all of its design work so please feel free to give me a heads up on how I am doing.

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