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Ten on Ten, is my insight into the designers that I admire and would like to publicise.The interview round consists of ten questions based on the designer, aiding to give us a peek into who they are & what they do! I hope to create a platform for the many young talented designers I know… so flourish on….
When I thought of Ten on Ten, there was one person who came to mind.. Saher Imran… a soul sister and digital designer extraordinaire. I admire Saher, not only for the outstanding digital work she does, but for her passion! Having beaten the odds, she’s created a world for herself, a so called ‘escapism’. It takes patience, passion & a ‘die hard’ spirit to do what she does. Saher, never give up taking me into a magical world you created entirely on your own… work your magic!
I’d also like to thank Saher for sharing her ‘witty’ thoughts with us! You’ve been the perfect first ‘Ten on Ten’! Thank you…

Me, Myself & I
A self proclaimed independent /dependent Illustrator and Digital Artist by day and a devourer of the Internet by night, I am Saher. I do not believe in a local time zone and henceforth do everything on a very global level (read: I have timetable issues). I love travelling and yet have never travelled beyond my home cities. My playlist covers genres like hip-hop/rap, rock, alternative, death metal, psychedelic, pop, house, country, instrumentals, and cheesy sentimental songs and yet prefer silence. I love talking. I love food. Fast food that is. I love Disney. I speak in movie quotes. I have read each Harry Potter book at least 7 times. I am a sucker for anything that reads ‘Transformers’ or ‘Lara Croft’ or ‘Northern Lights’. I day dream… a lot.  According to me ‘Fantasy’ is a necessary ingredient in living; the same goes for ‘Humor’. I am a true Scorpio, and that’s no understatement.

Passionate about it?
Warning: This may sound like your average Tele-Shopping advert. But it’s true. Sorta.
There was once a time when I was a complete ‘FAIL’ at drawing. Ten years back if you held an art competition between me and a dinner dish; it’d outshine me… marvellously! And even with this disposition, I did the worst: I took up Fine Arts as a subject for school in my ninth grade. Needless to say, I was declared ‘nitwit’ by my folks. I failed most of my art exams and my pieces were a topic of ridicule and a back-up, in case people ran out of jokes. But then came along the holy intervention: my friend Vaniya Sahai, whose art is by all means, divine. And along with her came Hope and a feverish desire to be good enough to be an inspiration. And that’s where the improvement began.
This was the start of my adventures in Illustration. And like all adventures there are ‘The Detours’. In my case: NIFT, where I studied Accessory Design.  But it was a helpful detour mind u! NIFT honed whatever I had and made me ready to face the world.
After my studies I came back home and have been trying to prove my mettle as a freelance digital artist/ illustrator ever since then.

Cartoons, Anime/Manga, magic, nature, music, language, internet, the human figure, my family and friends, cultures and their unique habits, lyrics, movement/flow, sensual fabrics, colours,  food, hairstyles, photographs, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, fashion eras, gothic culture, architecture, water, animals, seascapes, lighthouses, microphotography,  all in all.. Everything.

Paint, pencil
Digital Media: I sketch a basic outline using a mechanical pencil which, after transferring onto my PC, is then colored in via tablet using a mixture of any of the softwares such as Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Paint Tool SAI and Art Rage. For traditional media, I have been trying to develop my watercolor painting skills, and whoever said it isn’t a piece of crumb cake, was beyond true.
My own critic
 Winter n Spring: The Love
This is the last artwork in my ‘‘Winter ‘n Spring’ Love Story Series Quartet’. The series is as the name suggests a depiction of what is my view of how seasons change, of how they merge into one another, giving way to the change in seasons. The characters are feminine personifications of the seasons: winter and spring respectively. Their styling has been done to represent their seasonal elements respectively. While Winter has an edgy, raw and sharp feel to her, spring is soft, sublime and vibrant. In this particular piece Winter and Spring are seen sitting, wrapped in an intimate hug, completely at peace on an island suspended amidst the clouds. I have tried to create an entire fantasical environment of multihued clouds with other elements to achieve that look of surrealism and magic in it. The ice crystals in Winter’s dress were my Everest. I tried to keep the background as simple as possible and defined the focus of this artwork by variating the level of detailing among the subject and its environment.

Music or chocolate
Ok this is tricky because I have no set pattern for how I derive inspiration. Because most of my personal art pieces are random inspirations, but I definitely follow the rule of ‘function follows form’. I always imagine the mood of the illustration and then go into further details such as the character, the pose, the colors, the texture, etc. More often than not, music guides me into my work, helping me decide the colors, and the eventual mood of my work. For a commissioned piece I work on the direction given to me by the client and after a thorough research and initial sketches based on the references given by the client, I begin to sketch my drafts and through a series of approved sketches we arrive on the final line-art after which all stages including coloring are executed.

At such a novice stage as mine, it’s hard for me to judge.
Piece of advice
Follow your heart… or guts (whichever you favor), and be stubborn about nothing save quality.
Unpredictable as it is, life often leaves us no choice but to alter our carefully thought-out plans. So why not beat it to that?
I heart
Disney and the gods that work in that magical place.
The Harry Potter Series.
Quotes by Groucho Marx.
David Dowtown
James Brooke
Lois van Baarle
Shane Dawson
Oatmeal aka  Matthew Inman

I dream of
World Peace! I really do! Either that, or hoping Hogwarts is real..haha besides that, I do dream of becoming a famous illsutrator, travelling the world to see new places and just be forever lost in my world of fantasy and art.

You can follow Saher at the following sites:
devianART: www.hotpinkscorpion.deviantart.com

behance: www.behance.net/saher_imran
linkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/saher-imran/15/897/97

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  1. dil se…. saher, i cant even tell you how good everything about you is!
    and nami is right, only you have the power to send anybody into the magical world… i give you the title of JK rowling the Junior! you mesmerize me with your work, your wittiness… everything! i love your flavor!
    I truly hope/wish/pray you to get whateva you deserve… girl! you are amazing! ♥ a golconda cheers to you!

    And nami! i love the concept of ten on ten!hope the coming interviews are upto saher's standard! thats a compliment for you Saher!

  2. dude lekha.. i am this ways cos of the ppl around me.. the ppl who inspire me.. and u all are a major, like MAJOR part of it.. so i thank you all..
    hahahahaah 😀 TEN on TEN ftw!! .. i cant wait for everyone else's interviews! its gonna be mind-blowing for sure!! <3

  3. Hellos…i stumbled accross this blog by chance…n i kinda love it n Saher "Ma'am"..ur wrk is chumma nice…ur som funky designer at heart..!

    Seerat Kaur Sidana

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