Teachings From My Mother

It’s Riri’s birthday today and also my mothers a.k.a muffin! I know your mummy is the best, but so is mine. She’s my everything- my world and universe, the one person I can be so honest with. I would choose my mother’s happiness over a lot of things in life and I’d do that because she’s done it for me and my siblings.

I think about my mother everyday, though she’s miles away from me. I wake up waiting for her “good morning” message, I enter my kitchen wanting to cook as well as her, I embrace life with her guiding words and I find my emotions run in parallel with hers. I feel her and her thoughts, she’s after all my mother.

We’re all offspring of our parents, they’re the ones who gave us what we have and the ones who pick us up after we fall. I’ve learnt a lot of things from my parents. I can write a long list of what I’ve taken from them- the good and bad, but I’ll share a few that guide me.

Teachings from my mother:

– Well she does get awfully angry with me or dad at times, but she’s never one to hold a grudge- this I’ve learnt from her. It’s okay to get angry but move on in life, no point crying over spilled milk right?

– It’s never to late to live your dream. I’ve actually learnt this one from both my parents. My dad went back to college when he was in his 40’s (people called him uncle) and my mum started teaching as an elementary teacher despite not having any formal education in the field. She was scouted for her passion towards education.

– My mother is the binding force of our family- I call my father the driving force. Despite coming from a big fat Gujju family, we’re not all very well connected despite all the technology available. She’s the one who started a Whatsapp group with her kids, the one who ensures us siblings talk and keep us “connected” to the rest of the family.

– Be yourself. So I really believe my mother is one-of-a-kind. Sometimes you can categorize women – no offence- kitty party aunties, social butterflies, entrepreneurs etc. She doesn’t belong to any and comes with a very individualistic approach to life. She’s not one to show off or ask for too much attention. We’re different in that way, but I wish I could be as humble as her.

– Be fearless and take risks. My mum attended a workshop a while back, where she had to walk on hot coal- is she insane? No, she’s not, she’s brave, she’s a risk taker. She tells me to always follow my heart and take the risks- not blindly though. Weigh out your pros and cons and believe in what you stand for. Mum, I have every right to believe in myself, because you do in me.

– Living by passion. I’ve mentioned this a million times over and will do again. My mum has a very yummy food blog called Mayuri’s Jikoni, where she shares recipes from our family and one’s that inspire her. She’s always been a great cook, and she took this passion forward two years back with launching her blog. Now I know there are a lot of blogs out there, but imagine my mother sitting in Mombasa, with my brothers archaic Toshiba laptop, typing away her delicious recipes. It’s not something ordinary there.

– Be confident. She dressed up as a beggar once for a Lion’s Club fancy dress party and went around pretending to be one (at that age I was kind-of embarrassed). I probably don’t have the confidence to do that and wish one day I can do the same to my kids! She’s also a great public speaker (like my dad) and has the charisma to charm a room full of people. How do you do it?

– Moisturize. My mother has the softest baby skin ever!! I hold her hand it’s so comforting. Yes, I still hold my mothers hand in public. She’s never lived a day in her life without Nivea- she should be brand ambassador.

– To be a mother. I know its probably going to take another ten years before I have a baby popping out of me, but I wish and hope I can embrace motherhood and be the mother she has been to us.

In my world, you are devoid of faults and only perfect. I love you so much. You’re my most favorite person in the whole wide world.


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  1. Oh Nami I am speechless… your article made me cry buckets, because I am missing all three of you so much and also my mum. I love being yours, Niku and Neel's mum and I am hoping that Elodie too will accept me as her mum very soon. I know that you will be a better mum than me to your kids. You are turning into a fantastic writer. yes beta, strive for more and aim for the stars.

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