2015 in Snapshots


2015, you’ve been my fortune cookie wisdom. And here’s why…

January- I finally ticked off learning how to drive from my #lifegoals list. Prashant recently called me a “driving landslide”, but hey, littlebug (my car) and I have many adventures to look forward to. Anyone want to join me for a road-trip; free entertainment promised.

February- Dreamers are believers. February taught me that I can’t sit and wait around for things to happen. It kicked me right in the ass and told me to start believing in my dreams- which includes a Justin Bieber concert. #Bielieberforever

March- Had the most fabulous “surprise” birthday party ever and confirmed that I do have the best friends anyone could ask for. Psst… you know who you are and you can’t have them.

memories from 2015

April- I quit a job that demanded a little too much of myself from me- if you get what that means. It also taught me some of my biggest learnings- one, being able to stand by my work.

June- Blue skies, Bintang and absolutely nothing to do, Bali showed me there’s so much more to life that whiling it away in Bangalore’s traffic. Also, even if our #squadgoals are just the two of us- Lekha, you’re the wanderer I want by my side. Can we please book our tickets now?

July- And just like that, I booked flight tickets to Dubai to go spend a few fun-filled days with Prashant. Ask me to run away with you and I’m forever ready my love!memories from 2015

August- Petrichor, Pondicherry and hope. A month where mixed emotions played on repeat mode. It took me some time to find my stride back. Looking back, it was just a little storm that brought along clear blue skies.

September- Oh, September. I don’t think you had much to give, but we were good to each other.

October- Attended my first fashion week ever! Now I no longer have to hide under a rock when people talk about how “boring” fashion week was. FYI I loved every sequin-capturing-second of it.

November- Bangalore is officially home now. Got the keys to our empty but beautiful apartment here in Bangalore, and can’t wait for the #famjam to make a home in 2016. Thank you Dad.

December- The best month EVER! Prashant and I finally made things official, the Gujratis and Biharis have a maddening year coming up. In all the happy commotion, I felt so lucky and overwhelmed to have family and friends by our side. Also, I got to wear my Raw Mango saree!

memories from 2015
2016, you’ll have to keep up with me…
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