Sunday Soul Sante – a sunkissed afternoon

The Sunday Soul Sante, is Bangalore’s very own flea market, organised by Asha Rao. 100 diverse stalls, food, beers, music and an eclectic crowd… could your Sunday get any better?! I enjoyed the concept of  The Sunday Soul Sante, because it cleverly caters to all ages and has something for everyone. What excited me the most about today, was the amazing talent that we have here in Bangalore! And the number of young women entrepreneurs, definitely very inspiring. A lot of the stalls had unique products, which I felt was a good change. I didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures, but here are a few of them.. and my favorite stalls 🙂

One of the first stalls, had this lovely white,black and red textiles. I assumed they were weaves, only to be told that it was actually Toda embroidery. Toda embroidery is done by a tribe from the Nilgiri mountains. I loved the fact the embroidery was reversible! The geometric patterns created by the embroidery was so well finished. The stall had bags, shawls, table clothes…. 

Sutradhar’s, stall had alot of fun filled products. I absolutely love this little wooden furniture set that they had. Sutradhar is an education resource center, and have toys and products that assist in a child’s learning process. They had channapatna toys, kalamkari pachissi sets, a snakes and ladder board game from Haathi Chaap. I thought it was an interesting concept to have a stall that provides all these products.. Check out the website…

Gossip Inc,  was a stall which had a mix of fashion accessories. There was a particular product that I really liked, it was a bag made from plastic strips. I loved the colors of the stall, very inviting.

There were a few stalls with some artists selling their paintings, at reasonable prices. I felt that its a great idea to have artists showcasing their paintings, you never know who might buy your art! 

Ok! So you have to check out my favorite stall, Graphicurry! The company is the brainchild of Prasad Bhat. His caricatures were truely brilliant. I loved his take of famous personalities. The companies website tells alot about the company and their take on digital art. You can find most of the caricatures there. I’m so glad that they were there… and managed to get such a great fan following 🙂

My first take on these young women, excellent work! Curious Craft, is a company run by two young ladies, Dhvani and Ginelle! They had a ‘huge’ collection of paper craft products, from diaries, cards, art…. I loved the way they’ve used paper as their core medium to create exciting products. Using paper folding techniques they’ve managed to create an exclusive product range. Unfortunately they don’t have a website, but I’ve taken pictures of what I picked up from their stall. If you want to get in touch with them…

There was this beautiful ceramic product stall, but I forgot to note the name 🙁 They had lovely products, which were packaged in these wooden boxes.

Zuddha! This would definitely be my favorite stall! 😉 Zuddha is the retail brand of the Aunthencity Group, who deal with bespoke embroidered silk fabrics. The brand has a product range of furnishings, garments and accessories, all designed by an amazing designer and partner in crime, Natasha Tyagi. I’m not going to elaborate on the brand any further,as Natasha will be featuring on TenOnTen tomorrow. They had a sale today, selling their accessories at unbeatable prices…

Another duo with a great brand, Cutlet Co. So these young ladies handpaint tshirts, and just not any tshirt, but quirky ones! I love their sense of design and their illustrations! I also loved the fact that they painted it on white tshirts. Unfortunately I didnt get any more information on them, and hoping to get in touch with them. But for a peak….

This stall made me feel like I was at Anjuna Flea market. They had these lovely garments which had prints from typical Indian adverts and Indian Gods. Once again I didnt manage to get the name of the stall. It was a colorful stall and had really interesting garments. Love their photoshoot…

Pigflower, was an unmistakable stall. I had read up about them earlier, and as soon as I saw the stall I was very glad!! I love their quirky designs and great color sense. The brain child of Abhijeet Tambe, the company has a pool of designers who contribute to these great designs! They have a website..I’m hoping to get in touch with them and find out more… 
So I come to the last stall that I managed to click, Craft Corner. They had a great range of goods!! I also like picking up funky year calendars, and found the perfect one for 2011…I love Bengaluru!!! Their great for corporate gifting, mainly because they have a diverse and different range of products.. I love their paper pens….Check out their Bengaluru Bimba on the website
So here goes to another great weekend, meeting new entrepreneurs in the design field and having a blast of a Sunday with my girlfriends!!! 
P.S. Not all the stalls have been covered

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  1. big thanks from pigflower, glad you had a good time namrata 🙂 i wasn't in town myself but i read your blog and posted the link on our facebook..

  2. Hey thank you all for the great support!
    @Dee- yes I was there with Natasha:) glad to have met you
    @Abhi- your friends were a great help in promoting pigflower:)

  3. excellent story/post 🙂
    most of these stalls were my favorites too! especially Cutlet Co. and Graphic Curry

    The enthusiasm of Cutlet Co. was refreshing, i only wish they had the bike or truck tees in my size 🙁 anyway i settled for the telephone 🙂

    me and my buddies had a stall too – earthwave(an eco brand) , dunno if you recall what all we had on display(most of it was for kids), this time we'll have a bit more stuff on sale..
    do drop by at tomorrow's Sante and give us a hulloo! 😀

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