When I thought of this post, there was one title name that came to mind.. Sunday Blues! I’ve never ever used that expression or heard it, so I thought I’d Google if it meant anything and behold there is such a thing as Sunday Blues. Its exactly what Monday Blues means but you face the same symptoms on Sunday… I think all of us face that! Sunday is my day off- the day I get to do what I want without caring a beep about anyone else. I want to sleep in- I will, eat ten cupcakes-  I will, force my friends to meet me – I will! Luckily this weekend had SundaySoul Sante for me to look forward to. I’ve missed out on the last few but I still remember my first one and how much I loved attending it.

Sunday Soul Sante is an evil place for all shopping addicts- its pure evil for cupcake lovers too, but this time I went with a certain budget in my bag and stuck to it- I bought a very cute plant! Apart from having some chaotic fun with friends, I like Soul Sante because it represents a kaleidoscope of some very interesting entrepreneurs/brands and established ones. My last time there I visited each and every stall, collecting business cards and talking to them- there is always something to learn from people who take a leap into the entrepreneurial world. However this time I went to get away from my little world and get lost in a crowd of very colourful people.

Waking up late and finishing house hold chores meant I didn’t have much time to get ready to head out. I really wanted to wear my new bow watch from Stylefiesta and do a quick DIY(which literally took 5 mins). It consisted of taking out a few gold studs I had bought from H&M and putting it on an ancient black knit dress I’ve had for years! I love this dress, though it doesn’t have much to it apart from being uber comfortable to  wear! I teamed it up with my denim shirt which I love even more because its got this baggy boyfriend shirt look. This ensemble is meant for a late nighter that requires just enough style and tonnes of comfort! It also kept me happily comfortable getting drenched in the rain- moody Bangalore weather!! Needless to say I still ended up facing Sunday blues the minute I got back home! Its a vicious cycle- slog six days of the week to enjoy one day off! Cheers to waiting for the next Sunday!

Dress: Ginger
Denim shirt: Westside
Bag and bangle: Forever21

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  1. I looove, love your entire outfit here! I just get excited looking at all the accessories and clothes come together (that heart studded purse is too adorable!).

    (You look really cute, I wish you put up more pictures but I also so love the edit. It's different!)

    P.S. I have heard things about the Sunday Soul Sante for the past four years now (or three), and I totally wish to check it out soon! (I want to come to Bangalore to check out the thrift shopping as well and meet you and some other coolios who live there.)

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