Oh! I’m so excited about this trend, especially cause I’m a sucker for all things with the checks, polka dots and stripes. Lucky for us this year, stripes made a ‘bang’ on the runway with designers Micheal Kors, Louis Vuitton and Balmain! I especially love the combination of monotone and bold stripes. I’ve had a couple of sweaters over the years with black and white stripes, but I’m settling my eyes on some of these Zara shirts. They have a handful of them in all combinations of small and big stripes. Are you guys loving the trend? 

Check this out too


  1. Hi Nami..I am also loving the stripes trend 🙂 also I so tatally enjoy the design of your simple and sweet..whats the secret behind it??
    do you design??

  2. Hi Abhi! Thank you for the lovely comment!! I am a designer by profession 🙂 Just looked through your blog 🙂 following you now!
    Keep in touch
    Nami xoxo

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