Stretch the shoes

Hi there! I’ve got this horrible cough at the moment which means I’ve been home mostly all weekend! That also means I get around to doing other chores that should have been ticked off my to-do list ages ago. One of the things on my list was to clean out my shoe cupboard (which my dad so lovingly bought for me and my shoes) to segregate or giveaway shoes that I don’t wear or are too old. I came across this pair that I bought last year and I still haven’t worn them! I know you’re wondering why?!? Well unfortunately, my feet are quite wide, so most times I end up squeezing my feet into pretty pairs. I bought this pair, because I can swim in glitter and they’re so pretty to look at.. but they’re also probably the most uncomfortable pair I own. 
I wanted to try out the infamous hair dryer and socks technique to stretch out tight shoes and I have to say it does work! It’s pretty simple.. grab yourself a pair of socks- I chose a thick pair but I couldn’t get my feet in the shoes, so had to settle for a normal pair. Then you need a decent hairdryer that has enough heat to help widen your shoes.  Put on your socks and shoes, point and blast away, don’t forget to wiggle your toes! That’s it.. no rocket science involved. 

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  1. Such pretty shoes, Namrata! (I'm digging the socks even more.) Good idea, I think I read this tip somewhere else as well but never really tried it out; I will hunt for a pair of too-tight shoes (at home, of course)!

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