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I’ve come back to Kenya after a long five years and I wish that I hadn’t taken so much time away from this country I called home. The sights, sounds, weather is almost the same with a few minor changes here and there, like the apartment blocks I live in! This time round I came back a little wiser and chubbier(my dad would definitely agree) but also with a small vision. I wanted to explore the much talked about crafts that this country has to offer and see if there was a possibility to work up something. It’s too soon to say, but I think I might have stumbled onto something exciting!! But you’re going to have to wait for that.. In the mean time, I’ve also been voraciously looking up designers who’ve been inspired by all thing African.

One of the talented designers who caught my eye is Stella Jean and her Spring 2012 collection! The bold wax print textiles are definitely the show stealer from this collection. Her use of the textiles and silhouettes are perfect for the modern day fashionista to show off some tribal pride. I’m in love with the proud and vivid look her collection boasts! And that head gear is awesome!

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