Stack Of Love

Hope you girls are having a good weekend! I’ve been cleaning and rearranging my wardrobe, separating clothes that don’t fit me anymore and letting go of some old baubles I have that I don’t wear anymore. My dad says I’m a hoarder and I think I really am, though I’d hate to admit that in front of him!! I’ve got this knack for picking up things that catch my fancy and storing them all over the place.. my room really doesn’t have an inch of space left! So I thought it’s time to sadly let go of somethings and stop day dreaming that I’d still fit into my college clothes. When I started rummaging through my cupboard I ended up finding bangles all over the place (I have an uncontrollable obsession with them) and every time I find a bangle there is always a story behind it, from a set bought during my high school graduation to a friend’s souvenir from Cambodia! Its like postcards people collect, instead I have boxes full of bangles that bring back sweet nostalgic moments. The bangles in the picture are some of my happy memories. Do your bangles have a story to tell?

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  1. I'm a big HOARDER too! Uff. Really. And I can never tire of picking up pretty things, I'm really idiotic like that. Hopefully, I'm gonna get rid of some of my junk too or give it away or something.

    P.S. This picture is so pretty. Nice idea!

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