Hi ladies! It’s midweek and I can’t wait for Sunday to come. A six day work week isn’t the easiest thing to live with. I literally wait for Sundays to come so I can clean the house, finish off pending projects, attempt to regain my non existent social life etc. I guess it helps that I love my job, but yeah I miss a two day weekend. Lucky for me, I have friends or a friend who adds in the enthusiasm to my life, that will make me wake up early morning for a shoot! No we don’t get paid to do this, we just get to send some time together having a little fun. This week’s shoot is about one of my favorite patterns and a fashion classic- Checks! Open my wardrobe and you’ll probably wonder why I own 3-4 checked shirts in the same colour palette.Well, I love checks because they will never fail you and you can wear them all year round.
I don’t have an office dress code and wear pretty much what I want, even my Angry Bird slippers! Once in a while I put in that extra effort to dress up and wear something ‘pretty’, but on the average day you’ll find me in jeans and a shirt or a relaxed top. This is where the checks come in play! Read the title in two ways- be rebellious in checks or a rebel in checks- same thing, different meaning! When it comes to checks you can give yourself a feminine look or go bold with it. I decided to pull off a look that’s got a little touch of this fall’s trend -Military chic. My classic checked shirt from Alibi has a camouflage print at the shoulders with bead embellishments, which gives my classic staple a tough attitude! To kick in a bolder look I paired up my ensemble with my studded ballerinas (trust me those studs can hurt you) and my classic digital Casio watch. So this is me working a subtle military look to my everyday dressing – what’s your take on this trend?

PS: I hope you’re voting for my Pipa + Bella look here.

Shirt- Alibi
Jeans- Marks & Spencers
Shoes- Max
Watch – Casio
Bracelet- Faballey

♥ Love to Lekha and Abhay for being my team

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