Product Love: Banjara’s Multani Papaya Face Pack & Papaya Water

Banjara's Multani Papaya Face Pack

I’m quite bad at this whole self-maintenance thing. I really do try to be kinder to myself. I also try to keep a routine, but somehow by day 3, I’m much happier going to bed without cleaning-moisturising-toning. You know the drill. Anyhoo, if you’re promising me clearer, younger and revitalised skin in 15 minutes, I’m sold. Also, it helps you’re not making me take out my credit card. Enter Banjara’s.

I’m not really sure when this brand hit the supermarket but I’d seen a lot of good reviews from beauty bloggers which tempted me to embark on a self-preservative journey that hopefully brings out my inner goddess. Umm, too much na? I know, I know.

I picked up two products- Banjara’s Multani Papaya Face Pack and Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water. Why? Because I love face packs and they make me feel pampered and the I’ve heard papaya water has some good exfoliation power. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve had these with me and I’ll be honest, I don’t use them as often as I’d like to but I genuinely like the products.

The multani papaya face pack is actually quite hydrating and doesn’t make you look like the Thing from Fantastic Four *giggle*. It comes with promise to clean your skin by absorbing excess oil and opening up the pores. It also says it’ll help you banish ’em pimples and reduce marks. I’m not sure about the later, but after 20 mins (cause I like some bonus time with it) my skin does feel a notch radiant and a lot more cleaner.

As for the papaya water, I think of it as the trusty sidekick. Supportive yet purposeful to enhance other products like the face pack. I use this as a sort of toner and sometimes just to freshen up my skin when I feel like looks dull. The papaya oil infused water is also supposed to help reduce signs of ageing (if that matters to you). Also, it has this sweet smell to it that I really like.

My verdict? Rs.150 well spent.

Have you tried any of the Banjara’s product yet? Batao batao. I hear the rose water is kickass.


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