Did someone say “POOL”?

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I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly day-dreaming of diving into a cool blue pool! It’s hot, sticky and I feel like I’m being baked; it’s not a good feeling I tell you! While I spend my time day dreaming, I also imagine having the perfect summer bag with the perfect swimsuit, the perfect hat and a pair of flip flops that allow me to relax and rewind in style. And I strongly believe, if you’re prepped, then you’ll most likely find yourself following the right path, mine being- the pool. Also, I’m off to Pondicherry (yet again!) for a weekend getaway.


Here’s what I’m taking along-
1. Flip flops– Espadrilles, thong sandals and jelly pumps are all nice, BUT your true water-friendly companion is a pair of flip flops. Easy to clean, happy on the feet and quick drying, these babies say you’re on vacay mode.
2. Swimsuit- Finding the perfect swimsuit is like capturing an elusive creature. While you have a great collection online, I strongly recommend battling it out in a trial room. That’s the only way you’ll know how the swimsuit hugs, defines and holds your beautiful curves. My favourite go-to store for swimsuits is Marks & Spencer. Tried and tested since 1987.
3. Sunglasses– Shade your eyes in style but remember guys, most fashionable sunnies have close to no protection. Those UV rays are mean suckers and have a way of unknowingly harming you, so ensure your sunnies, whether round, square or heart shaped help to maximise the coverage on your eyes. When it comes to lenses, make sure their polarized. This helps to reduce the glare, especially when that hunk looks like Robert Pattison in all his shimmery-glory.
4. Sunblock– JLo claims the secret behind her beautiful skin is staying out of the the sun and using sunblock always! As much as I love the sun and getting a slight tan, I’m not sure I’m into the whole “peeled” look. SPF50 is minimum and a must (duh!). Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock Spf 50+ is my all-time favourite or you can try the Ansolar Daily Gel-cream SPF30, which does wonders for oil-pan greasy skin like mine.
5. Hats– For the extra protection plus I love the wanderlust vibes straw hats give. Psst… Forever21 has a great collection right now.
Also, I’m thinking of capturing the best places to eat and shop while we’re at Pondicherry. Interested anyone?

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  1. You’re right, the bast swimwear in terms of fit has to be from Marks and Spencer. I love using my neutropenia ultra sheer dog 50… The best and not greasy at all.

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