Polka Dot Love

When it comes to choosing my favorite pattern, it has to be polka dots! I’ve got a mini obsession with these playful bursts of dots, especially black and white ones. I can count atleast 7 black and white polka dot tops I have! I love wearing monochrome– its fail proof and a classic! I’ve also been questioned about why I always pick up polka dots- don’t question me cause I can get into a whole debate as to why I absolutely need another one!! So coming to my today’s look, this blazer was my 25th birthday present from Prashant and I love him for it- though I know Lekha helped him pick it up. Note the contrast sleeve cuffs- what a smart idea I say! I’ve not worn this blazer as much as I would have liked to but it has to be my favorite. I generally wear it with a black dress and it always makes me feel like I’m all set to power dress. Though I think I should try wear it with a slightly more casual look, say ripped jeans? Maybe sometime in the near future you’ll see this blazer featuring in another post.

I paired up this blazer with a LBD from Only which I got at a bargain rate and absolutely love, cause its cut helps to hide away my tum tum! The watch and bracelet are both courtesy of my mother/dad, though I don’t think they remember paying for it. Oh oh! Note that my hair has grown a few inches since I started doing style posts– its a very slow process, but I think its been almost a good 4 years since I’ve had long hair or attempting at it.

I’m also sending out some love to Lekha today for always always saying “yes” to help shoot my posts. My song for you today- you might like it!

Dress-Only                       Watch- Fossil
Blazer- Zara                      Bracelet- Guess
Shoes- Zara

♥ Love to Prashant and I miss you- come back soon
♥ Love to Lekha and Abhay for being my team

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