Petite Round Up of Shoes

Hi ladies! I’ve got a petite round up on a few my favorite shoes this month (oh wait! I can’t choose favorites, that’s like shoe blasphemy). So I can probably say that these few are the pairs that have been on center stage for sometime. And none of them are new, I’ve had them for at least a year or longer. I could go on and on about what kind of shoes a woman should have, but honestly there is always an outfit to match your pretty shoes, or vice versa. My father really doesn’t approve of having more than 5 pairs of shoes, but I can’t imagine having lesser then I already do. I love shoes for one main reason and I’ll willingly splurge on them because no matter how many pounds I pile on (or lose), my shoes will always fit me. It’s like having a best friend in your wardrobe, they’re there no matter what.

You’ll mostly always find me in ballerinas or flats, because even though I love my heels, I can never ever spend a day with them. I chose comfort when it comes to my feet! I categorized the shoes in 3 different styles, because I generally tend to wear them in that style.

Sparkly Smart- I bought this pair from Steve Madden during a sale last year. If you’ve ready my earlier posts, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of sequins and no this not my only sequin shoes. I love the colour of this pair, its like a dark cement grey, so it’s great to wear with a lot of ensembles. However whenever I wear them, I mostly dress in darker tones or monochromes, from cremes, greys to black. This pair adds a hint on sparkle to smart dressing.

Sporty Chic- This has to be one of my all time favorites and they are so so comfortable. I’ve already written about this pair before, but they need a second round of recognition. The silver glitter Vans always puts me in a sporty mood and I generally wear them with leggings and oversized tops. I last wore it with my heart leggings and a denim shirt from Alibi.

Flowery Pretty- This pair has been in my wardrobe forever!! I bought it when I was in college and have had it ever since, though they are wearing out now. I love peep toes, reminds me of a pair my mum used to have when I was a kid and it was love at first sight! The colour ¬†and little bow on this pair makes me feel girly, so you’ll always find me wearing more feminine hues and silhouettes with this pair.

Have you got some pretty pairs that make you feel a certain way? I’ve got a few more pairs that’ll soon make it to the round up on my Instagram.

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