Never Ending

So I’m back home after a fabulous trip in Dubai with my brother, his girlfriend and my mummy dear! I do wish my dad had come along though!! Now I’ve been thrown back to reality and already feeling a little frustrated. My home was pretty much the same but coated in a layer of dust, so what ever I touch I end up leaving a couple of finger prints.. I need to get down to some real good dusting and cleaning! Urgh! Not my most favorite thing to do in the world! I just finished making a list of things to do and truthfully I haven’t done even one thing on it! I guess I should say ‘bye’ for now and attempt getting down to some work! 

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  1. I hope things work out for us, generally! I find myself immensely relating to you when I read your posts. To us!

    P.S. I'm being a lazy butt about so many things. I'm so scared to take any leaps of faith! And no money situations frighten me. I know this isn't what you talked about here, but still…

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