Monsoon Woes

With the monsoon hitting Bangalore, the wind ushers in all kinds of storms- sand,rain and maddening traffic! This also means that the weather can’t decide whether it wants to be happy and sunny or dull and gloomy! It also means that the world seems to work against me, so the minute I decide to step out of office and leave for home, I’m welcomed by big black clouds and a spitfire of rain! As much as I’d like to say “I love to cuddle up and sip on chai” we all know that’s not possible when you’re stuck in office! However I do get moments to appreciate the weather from my office window, staring at the lush bougainvillea plant.

I’ve learnt that you can never be too prepared for the unpredictable weather. There are days when I really don’t feel like wearing my Go-Bahama flats and rather put on my suede ballerinas! There is one rule though I do follow for the monsoon- carry a jacket! It’s been my saviour through most days and keeps me warm, if not completely dry.

I love this cropped jacket I picked up a few years back. In all honesty it’s a little bit tight for me now, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it and I completely adore the zebra print on the inside- brings out my wild side!! Jokes apart, I do like this jacket alot and pair it up with just about anything. I wore it with this old Max tee that I bought on sale last year and cut off the neckline to give a slightly more relaxed look.

The airplane charm necklace is another one of my favourites. I think it gave the ensemble a slightly rugged look. What’s your trick for batting away the monsoon dressing woes?

Photographer: Lekha Shastry

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  1. where ever you are in the world it just happens to rain or pour when people need to get to work or home. In between it can drizzle, not rain and the sun too may an appearance 🙂

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