Monday Musings: Of To Do Lists and Getting Organised


I’ve officially been off a payroll *sheds tears* and 9 to 5 job for 3 months and it’s kind of driving me craaazy. I actually miss waking up at 5:30am, packing a lunchbox and making my way to office. I honestly quite liked my job.

Why did I leave then? Well, I left my job to prep and plan for my wedding, which was almost an overtime time job for mum and me. Also, I knew eventually (someone set a date to it) I’d have to find my way to Dubai to be with P. However, life is taking its sweet on time and I’m a ticking time bomb! Seriously, how much of Netflix and books can one read? Knowing this can’t go on, I had an intervention with myself, before someone else decided to! I told myself to stop hibernating and do all those things I never had “time” to do, like learning how to make egg dosa (ticked off already) and taking up a digital marketing course. In order to get this going, I wrote a long long list of to-dos in my planner, even if it was something as elementary as arranging my lingerie drawer.

In the three weeks since I started jotting down notes and things to tick off in my planner, I find myself being more organised which allows me to plan things like chores, meal prepping, freelance work and my expenditures. Now, you’re obviously thinking that I have all the time in the world do to this, but trust me, this new habit is like a gold star you get after acing your assignment and one I’m not quite ready to get a freaking F in. Also, I’m hoping this will help P and me get our shit together when it comes to actually living the married life

Here’s 5 hacks to get your to-do list working for you:

1. Digital or old school

Lucky for you and me, there are a bunch of mediums out there to be our little helpers. Whether it’s an app or a good ‘ol planner or on your bod Ghajini style- pick whatever works for you. I prefer to keep a planner. I generally go with Rubberband, but this year I loved Yello’s 2017 offering.

2. To-do or not to-do

Learn to prioritise your chores or social gatherings or whatever. Is it more important to watch the whole Narco’s series or to complete filling up budget lists? Well, if you’re a pro, then do both simultaneously, but know which one is more important.

3. Keep it simple

Don’t write every freaking thing down for one day, instead split it up according to days. I generally do it at the beginning of the week and then I keep adding onto it as the task list increases. Also, sometimes I review it at night or the next morning and literally scratch off all the tasks that are completed and give myself a pat on the back.

4. Track things

My to-do list gradually turned into a tracker also. I started writing down the days I made it to gym and slowly over time, my 5:30pm slot had only and only one task- hit the gym! I know, I know, its not a chore, but it really amps up the motivation to see you did all 6 days of the week.

5. Keep it close

Pro tip: If you’re going old school and using a notebook or bullet journal, then I find its easier to stick to “being organised” when I carry the planner around. It also helps you note down important information and scratch off tasks that you’ve already completed a minute ago. Like the other day, I had to visit my masterji to give him some blouse pieces, once done, I noted down the date for the pick up and the cost besides the task. Also, my planner has a little sleeve at the back that is perfect for storing away those elusive receipts. See, now you don’t have to be all scatter brained!

Now go on, trot along and get that list going!


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