Mombasa Raha!

My holiday home is sadly coming to an end and I’ve got less than 24 hrs here! Around three months back I packed my bags with 30 kilos of what I thought I needed for my trip, locked up my apartment in Bangalore and said good bye to a life that I called ‘home’. It was a very bittersweet thought- a lot of people asked me what I was going to go in Mombasa for such a long duration and at the time I really didn’t know. My main intention was to spend alot of time with my parents and I can honestly say.. that’s all I did! My every waking moment was spent by getting thoroughly spoilt and pampered by my parents- after all being the ‘baby’ of the family comes with some perks. My love affair with Mombasa also got rekindled and I can proudly say there is no place like Mombasa.. waking up next to the sea and the bright blue skies! There is a famous expression people use here called ‘Mombasa Raha’, which means experiencing the joyfulness of Mombasa and my every moment here was a ‘Mombasa Raha’ one! 

Yet again like every responsible adult I need to get back to the ‘real’ world and fend for myself. I’m just glad and thankful that I got to spend these months with my parents. I honestly feel like I’m being sent away from home for the first time…. but on a happier note I am going to Dubai to spend an exciting one week with my brother! Anyway keep posted cause I have a tonne of Kenyan goodies to show you people.. till then take care!

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