Mango Salsa Salad

mango salsa salad

Is it just me or do you also think Bangalore’s weather is acting like a moody ol’woman? Come sunshine, come torrential rain, you’re not treating me too well. The only thing I’m loving this summer is cotton shirts and devouring the fruit of the Gods. Mango. From the seductive Slice ad to Natural’s infamous mango malai treat, this fruit rules summer’s palette and mine.

Now I know a few of you would distaste eating mango in any other form, but I happen to like it many ways- salads, pickle, smoothies et al. One of my favorites is literally a toss-it-up summer salad. It’s my rendition of a mango salsa. There’s really not right or wrong way of doing it. I like to keep mine fresh and healthy with just a little seasoning.
Mango Salsa Salad:
1 ripe mango
1 tomato
Handful of mint
A sprinkle of paprika
A dash of lemon
Now cut it up and give it a good toss. And, there you have it.
Why the paprika? You’ve had raw mango with salt and red chilli right? Need I say more? You can also add cucumber, jalapenos, onions etc. It’s really upto you.
Note: Serve it chilled.

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