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I, for one, am a sucker for beautiful stationery and I have a special tiny room in my heart for all things crafty. True fact: I would choose to forage a craft store any day over a clothes store (pakka promise). I also believe that packaging is just as important as the gift itself. I happen to also shudder at the thought of bad, heartless packaging.

A month before our wedding, mum and I had scavenged around for presents to gift to our family and friends. While we did get some amazing stuff, I was sure that gold foil wrapping paper won’t make the cut to wrap these beauties. Neither did I have time to add a bouquet of trims, ribbons and bows onto the presents to further beautify them! Plus, knowing that the tiny little Rs.20 bow would find its way to the dustbin, I was forced to switch on my frugal mode and think a little out of the box.

Enter: TSL.

The Second Life by Studio ABCD is a sustainable design studio founded by Raahul Khadaliya, a senior of mine from college. Why I reached out to him? Well, let’s just say I was impressed with his range of products and loved the ideology his brand stands for- they upcycle discarded paper waste like old movie posters and newspapers by block printing them in vivid hues. Dayum cool huh? And because he’s so beautifully described the journey on the website, I’m going to share the link here.

As for what I picked up? A bunch of block printed upcycled newspapers and gift bags that the team personalised for me with little name tags.


I still remember the day I picked up the entire lot, I was so happy that I had this gorgeous paper to wrap our gifts. It was also fun watching some of the guests discover that their wrapping paper was good ol’ newspaper! Plus, I felt that in a small teeny tiny way,  I did my part towards supporting sustainability as a design ethos.

And I’d like to give a big shoutout to the talented team and Sneha, for doing such a great job!

P.S. Because I’m feeling cheery today morning, here’s a little tune to set your mood. Ok bye!

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  1. I loved the recylced block printed wrapping paper and bags. Would strongly recommend them to anyone wanting do something different for their parties, weddings or gifting. Definitely environmentally friendly and innovative.

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