Label Love: Project Wood

project wood rope light

Hello hello… I’m back!! I took a two week break from the blog only cause I was having the time of my life in Dubai with P. I feel like we make guest appearances in each other’s lives, but it’s something that I know is temporary and worth the wait (hang in there girl). Anyhow, just before I left Kenya, I was strolling on Insta (as usual) and came across Project Wood. First thoughts… for how long was I hibernating to not have found this awesome brand? I also felt like kicking myself in the butt because I absolutely love their product range and now I have no space in the house to adopt some of their precious furniture *teary eyed*.

Maybe, I can treat myself to The Rolling Lamp which I absolutely loooove. The lamp has a macrame rope that gives it this cool 80s’ vibe while the bare buld knocks in a industrial look that’s still making rounds in the decor world. What’s cool about this lamp, is that there’s a gazillion ways to style it up- I know a sweet spot in my house where I’d rope this up.

I’ve also been admiring the Hexagon Tables and the Sandune cabinet which both have minimalist aesthetics with bold dimensions that give it a contemporary yet oh-so-classic look. Also, the pieces are quite unique for anyone whose looking for anything but run of the mill stuff. Do check ’em up and read their story here.

project wood indiaproject wood cabinet

I can’t wait to see what more Project Wood has to offer in the future. Gonna keep a tab on these guys.

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  1. Wow, some of those pieces look incredible and definitely will add character to a home. I personally love having wood furniture in my home, it just makes it feel more homely haha.

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