How did I hear of Karishma Shahani? It was around a year back, whilst flipping through a glossy magazine. I remember falling in love with the patterns, colours and the Indian kitsch element of her work. I quickly jotted down her name in my diary and thought I should google her and blog about her work. Well that scribble got lost amongst the random things I wrote down! However I revisited my love for her work a couple months back and thought the same thing again… so this post comes from the many posts lying in draft mode!
Karishma Shahani studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion and first left her mark there, winning over a bagful of awards. She was featured as ‘new talent’ by many global fashion magazines, who were just as taken aback by her work. Her designs show a strong sense of personal talent and support to traditional craft. I for one especially love her Kranti collection… from design to styling! You can see some of her newer collections on her website here.

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