Painting by K.R. Santhana Krishnan
                                                                    Painting by K.R. Santhana Krishnan
                                                                   Painting by K.R. Santhana Krishnan

I always feel that the door of a home can be a very deceptive feature, it can either be wide open to show you the lives of people inside or it can hide away a houseful of stories. Either way I also believe that doors are a very nostalgic part of a home! Sitting here miles away from my own home, I can imagine my door with, with the a stained glass Ganeshji next to it and chalk marks all over the tarnished wood.
Well that brings me to the work of K.R.Santhana Krishnan, an outstanding painter from Chennai. He’s work resolves around doors and doors only! From oil to mixed media he as translated the doors of Indian streets in a nostalgic and vivid manner. When I see his paintings, it’s almost like a deja vu, it feels so real and that’s exactly how you would imagine the doors would look in a busy town street.

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