It’s black and white between us

Seeing things in black and white is probably not the best way to live life, but when it comes to relationships, be it with your boyfriend or best friend, the black and white is what I expect. We’ve all had our hearts broken, fallen out with friends and cried buckets over the “grey” areas. Agreed, living in complete honesty with other people is a tough one to stand by, but I like to believe that it’s something you can learn or grow to do. So as corny as it sounds, yesterday was “frenship day” and I did get to spend it with my favourite couple- Lekha and Abhay. Since Prashant decided to move miles away from me (I still crib about that), my days have gotten lonelier but if there’s anyone looking out for me it has to be these two. From filling up as my pseudo parents, to being a shoulder to cry on or for Abhay having to deal with two very moody women instead of one (kudos to that), they have gracefully taken up the challenge to “take care of me”. That also means they have to give up their lazy Sundays and help with the blog. It also meant I got to do an impromptu shoot with my other crazy ass half- Lekha!

For this post I chose to wear one of my favourite tops, this sheer tunic with white detailing, from Femella paired up with these M&S jeggings that I got at a sale recently for Rs370- ya beat that! I added on my oxford flats from Catwalk which I just love(always makes me feel smart). For Lekha’s look we decided to be “opposites” and she wore a peter pan collared top from M&S. Why I loved this shoot, because weirdly black is still my favourite colour to wear- I think its a drag on from my boarding schools days, where I’d only wear black tops, black shoes, black nail polish and everything else black! I also loved it cause I got to put an unexpected theme to it – “It’s black and white between us”. Which it is now, after 7 years of being friends.. we’ve grown up, Starry! So cheers to the friends who make you cry and laugh- only to love you more!  

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  1. I remember those days when you wore nothing but black… was getting a bit worried and suddenly you started liking the colour pink, which was a relief as it assured me that you are a normal person. Treasure good friendship as its really difficult to find good friends these days. Thanks to Abhay and Lekha for being there for Nami.

  2. You're totally right, N! I find it especially hard to have someone super close to me, and be 'ME' with them… sometimes it feels like being alone is the better choice. But I have been lucky to have such goodness surround me in the form of friends who care about me, and who make me feel like I'd want to do that much and more for them too. Cheers to that! 🙂

    P.S. Where is your bracelet cuff from? I love it! Your parcel is on its way – nothing too great, and I'm a li'l worried about it. I promise to send something better next time! Gosh, really over-thinking it. Haha.

  3. Hi Girls & Mum! Still facing a few errors, the reply button just doesn't work.. hmph!

    Joanna it's from Fabindia, if you really like it I can send it to you 🙂
    Dora- I love them too, had it for over a year but it's still in good shape!
    Mum- I still like black! 🙂

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