It’s a Beautiful Day to Start

a beautiful day to start

Confession time: I’m a sucker for quotes and I love sprinkles.

Put them together and you get yourself a sweet reminder that everyday is a good day to start on that “something”. It could be anything, from mastering the lyrics of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to consciously chugging down more H20 (note: time to drop the pints!). While I wish I could magically time travel back (to my Sri Lankan holiday), the date on my phone reminds me that time has something else in store for me. My mind says: better seize today than delve on sweet memories.

Today means, I should and I must embrace the day. I recently read somewhere that the bad 5 minutes of a day doesn’t make your day bad. While ‘bad’ could be debatable, we’ll assume most days are pretty darn good. So, keeping in positive spirit, sprinkle some love to yourself and remember “it’s a beautiful day to start”.

My start:
– blog more
– start “decorating” ideas for the new house
– slowly start the wedding prep (woohoo!)
– declutter, donate and stop buying (horror story of my life)
– and drink lots of water

Let’s recap next week and see how well I’ve done?

Btw, this banana bread I made on Sunday was delish.

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