Some “instalove” moments:

1. Birdy basket– this one sits next to my bed and holds some bobby pins, bangles and a few pennies. I picked up this basket from a Dastkar fair a few years back and had left it on the shelf next to my bed and it’s happily still there!
2. Paints– I’ve never really been much of a painter, but recently decided to revive some art class moments and picked up a bag full of paints, brushes and mini canvases. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll find the courage to share my paintings with you.
3. Holiday– it’s been playing on my mind quite a bit! This one was taken on a coffee estate we stayed at whilst on holiday at Coorg. It was a pretty place and a few days of blissful peace!
4. Panic– so I am leaving India to go “home” for a couple of months. Even though I am extremely excited to be pampered by my parents, I will miss my “home” especially my friends who are just like my family. It’s always bittersweet isn’t it?

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