Hidden away…

A few months back, I was out with my dearest mother, scavenging  the streets of Commercial Street, looking for the perfect paper for my business cards. After a million directions, we landed up on a street parallel to Commercial Street, where I saw this beautiful old building! I was so intrigued by it! I love the old colonial architecture it has to it and its vintage feel. I retouched it a little to give it a old photograph look.

Check this out too


  1. This is one BRILLIANT shot! Really well taken… loved it!!!!!!!!! the touch up you did seems to have transformed the image 🙂

  2. Dear God! I love this building. My friend and I took pics here for the blog once. Had to ask the owner for perm for pics, this cute ol' auto driver who started combing and fixing his hair right as he was granting it! 😛

    Man, that is some retouching! How did you do that?! 🙂

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