Freshly baked banana bread is what “comfort food” means to me, especially one cooked by my mummy-the-best. Growing up I’ve watched my mum cook up the most delicious food and I admire her passion and love for it! Ask my mum to cook for my friends or crave for something chocolaty, she’ll instantly whip up something scrumptious. I can never tire of eating her food and every night wish I could come home to a dish cooked my mumma’s love. Unfortunately that’s not what happens, instead every now and then I put on the chef’s hat and try to make something close to what my mum does- so the iPad comes out and I hunt up my next recipe from her blog which is my food bible! But I also like to experiment and add in a little touch of “Nami” to her recipes. The one recipe I have mastered of hers is the banana walnut bread and can almost bake it blindly- I think Prashant will agree with this one!  The recipe I used is obviously my mum’s but since I didn’t have walnuts I added in  three spoons of flaxseed and coated the loaf with oats before I put it in the oven (trying to be healthy). And not to forget the chocolate factor- I added in  cup of cocoa powder. This bread is super easy to make and bakes up in 45 mins.

For the full recipe check mum’s blog.

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