I woke up today morning, feeling hmm not so energetic! I get this every 3 weeks I guess, with the first few starting off with me believing that I can conquer the world and do whatever my heart is set out to do, then the enthusiasm slowly dies out and I think I become a very irritable person. I guess nowadays we’re all trying to handle too many things, juggling work, studying and “extra curricular” social activities. I’ve got some exciting things lined up for this coming up, including the launch of a line of jewellery by my mum and me. But shhh! I’m not going to divulge any information on that till it’s going live.
However there are some other exciting things happening, like my best friend getting married, my partner-in-crime passing out before she could cut her birthday cake and my “life support” leaving Bangalore for an excellent opportunity! It’s all very bitter sweet but it reminds me why I am grateful to have these people in my life. I met them when I joined college in Bangalore a couple years back (yes I’m getting old) and I met them with no intent to make friends. It was a “chance” meeting and some how they’ve managed to handle and stand me for the longest time possible. I call them the ‘happy mistakes’ in my life because they weren’t friends I hand picked from a crowd, but people who brought me down to earth and taught me everything from love, friendship, trust, faith and how to say a line of hindi without no mistakes!  It’s very rare that I can keep a secret from these people, so if you’re going to tell me something – 3 other people are going to know it!
 Like I mentioned “faith” is something they’ve taught me in many different ways, faith in the choices that I make, faith in believing in myself and faith in what the world has to offer me. With this faith I’m setting out to do something I’ve always wanted to do with my parent’s immense support and I hope I’m able to bring a piece of what I love to you! 

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