5 Life Lessons from Monument Valley

Ok, so I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a geek when it comes to gaming, but Monument Valley had me within the first two minutes of play and left me with a pleasant feeling for the unpredictable.  For those of you who still haven’t ventured into this beautifully complex world, Monument Valley is Ida’s adventure or quest to find forgiveness. From whom, you ask? I really don’t know and I don’t think it matters. However what matters is the jaw dropping, surprising and intricate details this game involves. It’s representation of an individual’s journey of absolution. Ida’s or yours? I’ll let you ponder on that.
Inspired from M.C. Escher’s illusory work, temple architecture, sacred totems and the quest to unlock secrets, Monument Valley isn’t about killing, competing or violence, instead it’s a journey of exploration and reflection. I for sure, feel my chi all balanced. After several months of visiting this world and being in a state of reverie, I’ve learnt a few things from Ida, the hidden walls, the wise spirit and the crows! You might too.
1.          Bravery and Ida the Silent Princess- Dressed in a white dress, there’s not much you know about Ida. Hints of her mysterious past are revealed to us by the Wise Spirit, who calls her “ a thieving princess”, however no one knows why she did. Do we need to? I don’t think so, instead I commend her bravery and her longing to ask for forgiveness. What I learnt? It takes courage to be brave.

2.        Forgiveness– It’s never too late to ask for forgiveness, even if it means taking a risque journey and experiencing everything from crazy crows, to mind boggling walls. I’m not someone who generally holds a grudge neither do I intentionally try to hurt someone, but I’m no saint and I’m sure I’ve upset a many. I think it’s important to forgive and ask for forgiveness, the world has enough problems and you sure don’t want to be a contributor.
3.        Obstacles and the Crazy Crows-  Okay, I’ll agree, the crows aren’t that bad, it’s not like they throw bombs at you or poo on you (happened to me today morning)! However along the hidden walls, the crows and their caws pose as obstacles (irritating ones).  Lesson being, you’re always always going to face obstacles along your path, people and circumstances that can hinder your journey, but it’s really up to you to stay focused and follow through.  Always follow through.
4.           Guidance and the Wise Man- You learn a lot of things from the past, the good, bad and ugly. These memories and events help build who are in the future. You  try not to make the same mistakes again, you act wiser about things. Sometimes, just sometimes, you might forget, and that’s why the Wise Man is there to remind Ida and guide her to the next leg of the journey. Take the guidance and be wiser.
5.          Journeys and Hidden Walls- I like to think I’m a planner, I like to know things before I go ahead with it, I’m not careless in my spontaneity, however I’ve learnt that not all the planning in the world can stop you from facing “hidden walls”. You never know when life can close and open doors for you, but I say keep knocking at em’ doors and let your hidden walls guide you to mysterious places.

Now off you go on a journey to explore forgotten shores… 

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  1. always learning new things through your blog. Don't know whether I will play the game but its good to know that you are experiencing the ups and downs of life while playing it. Obstacles are placed in our path of life to make us stronger.

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