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Once in a while you come across something and immediatly fall in love with it! This is what happened when I came across Ek Karkhana’s clutches. Its difficult to create a niche and do something different, I strongly believe that this trio has managed that. So I got in touch with the team of Ek Karkhana and they willingly agreed to do an interview for me. I sent across a few questions and this is what the girls sent across. I love how their brand name cropped up 🙂

“We are three friends with similar design sensibilites and have known each other for quite some time now.Two of us come a longway from our NID days where we toyed with the idea of having a label of our own someday, rather jokingly then.

Over the years we got more and more determined to shape our thoughts strongly and for once got together to design as a team.

We started hunting for a workshop … and found this unusual , strikingly odd yet warm space which is nice and open. Its not so easy to locate with no landmark except a strange palm tree in the middle of a chaotic market right outside the workshop ! Often While giving directions to locate it we couldnt help but address it as “ek karkhana nariyal ke jhaad ke paas”. It was a commonly used term since and it became almost like our identity ….

We put together an enthusiastic team of karigars who have the same drive and call this space “karkhana” as their own and we adapted it naturally.

Ek karkhana is the centrepoint of our ideas where we get together to create a product line which we truly believe in.

This is just the beginning and the journey has been interesting and fun so far…. and we love what we are doing and the idea is to reach out to high end stores and emphasise a lot on good craftsmanship in our design .

We are inspired by Travel ,Movies, Art ,Indian crafts and textiles……..people from various walks of life that we interact with and their inspiring stories. Small accidental nuances in our day to day lives …..Just trying to listen and observe everything around..colours that we are surrounded with……it all comes together and is very inspiring….”      The Ek Karkhana Team 

PS: My favorite is the black and white fish one! They also make garments and totes. I’ve added their FB link here.  Totally worth following 🙂 I’d really like to thank the Ek Karkhana team and am truly inspired! You can also email them at  ekarkhana@gmail.com.

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