Married beautifully in completely contrast hues, black and creme is all time classic. This color combination denotes so many things for me, starting with a deadly combination of creme and dark chocolate.. Orios, the romantic feeling you get whilst watching black and white movies, the classic pair up of pearls with your little black dress… but just like other things, these so called ‘classic’ combinations also reinvent themselves. 
I stumbled on this stunning image a few days back and loved the contrasting and dynamic combination captured by photographer, Matthew Brindle. His photography has a quirky insight into the lights and craziness of a fast pace metropolitan. Unlike his other photography, this image has a serene, almost free appeal to it. So.. I kept this image on my desktop for a while wondering whether to do a post or not. A few days later I chanced upon this gorgeous black bandage dress by Herve Leger..isn’t it to die for?
I thought I’d put the two together to represent how classic combinations get a dynamic and interesting twist in today’s fast paced industry. 
Any classic combinations you love?

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