Dopamine Dressing

dopamine dressing

“Dress yourself happy”, they say.

Last year, athleisure pitched the perfect play by leading us to a more sporty state-of-mind with white kicks, leggings instead of jeggings, yada yada making it to our wardrobes. However, 2017 started off on a happier note by revealing a look/term called “dopamine dressing”. Prozac, move over.

Dopamine dressing is basically wearing clothes or accessories that make you happy- Little Miss Sunshine types. Whether it’s a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, an egg yolk dress,  La La Land yellow or some crazy eye makeup, the dope look begs you to bring out your inner quirky and colour yourself happy.

Dopamine dressing is also meant to attract all kinds of positive energy to help you slay the day in style. I have a list of things from my wardrobe that I think are dope-

  1. Ruby Woo for days on end. This MAC shade has some crazy powers to make you feel happy and sexy all at once.
  2. My Vans Mickey Mouse sweatshirt is so playful and cute, it helps me forget I’m 30.
  3. P gave me these ah-mazing Adidas Superstars “Liquid Gold” kicks which make me feel golden.
  4. During my vidai, my bros were supposed to wrap a shawl around me. That colourful tasseled shawl brings back some close-to-the-heart memories.
  5. Recent adrenaline-inducing buy is a cute sweatshirt from ONLY that was 60% off and begging to be adopted by me. It has an 80s all over floral print with beaded shoulders.

Try one week of dopamine dressing and tell me if it makes your dil happy.

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