DIY Glitter Ballerinas

I’ve been meaning to share this post for quite sometime, but I’ve got alot on my plate right now. I’m honestly a little drained out with work and chores and work, but hey! you gotta survive right. There are some days when getting up and dressing up just feel like a task, but then there are days when I want that something ‘special’ to wear and trust me glitter does it for me! 
So the story about my ballerinas- last year Prashant gave me these beautiful baby blue ballerinas from Zara and I was in love with them! Unfortunately Bangalore’s torrential rains didn’t do too well for my suede finished shoes and I ended up with a stained and dirty looking pair of flats. I considered different ways to DIY them and make them look brand new again, keeping in mind to still leave a hint of the original colour and as the saying goes ‘when in doubt add some glitter’. So unfortunately (lazy me) I didn’t document the process of adding some multicoloured glitter to my shoes, but it was fun and a complete mess! My house help found glitter everywhere for at least a week!! 
I bought basic loose glitter and fabric glue to do up the shoes and it worked a charm! Here is an Instagram pic from when I revived my shoes. What do you girls think?

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