There are some mornings that I wake up knowing which top or accessory I want to wear, but then there are days where you don’t find a complimenting piece to the other! I mean, how many more can you buy right!! Sometimes you just never find that one piece to match that shirt you’ve been waiting to wear for ages. I had a similar situation last night, where I was going out for dinner and wanted to wear a green sweater of mine I’ve had for ages and for as long as I remember I keep alternating two necklaces to go with this sweater. Truthfully its no fun wearing the same thing over and over again!
Being a Sunday, I was cleaning out some of my craft boxes when I can across these lovely beads and voila! It literally took five mins to get this together and I know its pretty simple, but I heart it! 
Materials required: brooch pin, beads, wire and I used scissors since I couldn’t find my pliers. 

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