Disciple & Dedication= Art

I’ve already begun talking about my new year’s resolutions in the past tense. Ya ya, I know, it’s kind of lame. Anyhow, most quotes on Pinterest tell you that “it’s never too late” and “today is a good day to start”. Dedication is something I’m still trying to add to the roll call of my day. While I obsessively think about it, I also tend to stalk people who can do anything religiously- like a #100happydays. I never did it because I’m generally a very happy person.

I didn’t really stalk the happy-mongers, however I do have a mini crush on the design-led series  #asaladeveryweek (Pavithra Dikshit) and #ageoaday (Isabella Conticello). These kickass ladies are pure genius ?. It obviously took them a lot of dedication and a whole lot of creativity to keep up with the series.

A Geo A Day has the most brilliant and harmonious colour schemes every created- their like visual zen. Nothing chaotic. I love how the geometric shapes tell their own story of captured scenes, while the colours add in a sense of recognition. Also, Isabella Conticello’s work reminds me of cool 80s geometric prints. Here are my favourite ones from the entire lot.

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As for Pavithra Dikshit, she has the talent to make a salad look so-damn-beautiful that you want to eat it. Only thing, its made from paper. It’s one thing to master making tasty salads that go beyond “ghaas phoos” and it’s another thing to make art out of it every single week. Dayum girl!

You should know that Pavithra recently published a book “Discipline” that talks of her routines. I still need to get hands on a copy.

Note: I also love going through her writing here.

Pavithra Dikshit Pavithra Dikshit Pavithra Dikshit

Moral of the post? Discipline and dedication can be fun and creative.

All images/art belong to the respective artists. I just admire their work.

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