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This is a way tooo long overdue post! But its also an important one. I’ve known Darla a.k.a Shashi for a few years now. We studied in the same college and he moved on to study at London College of Fashion. I remember he had one the most stunning graduation collections, inspired by his multicultural upbringing! I didn’t know Shashi had a food blog and was delighted to come across it. His blog is lighthearted and his love for food definitely comes across. Not to forget his blog’s name is adorably cute- cardamon-poppadom!
Shashi readily agreed to do an interview for me, so I throw across some questions and here is his take on them 🙂

Hi I’m Shashi from Tanzania. Currently a Fashion Design Student at London College of Fashion.

2)Love affair with food……passion for food
Good food has always been on my mind since my childhood. Running into the kitchen without my mums notice and experimenting. For example ; Boiling Bread ! ; Blending my chocolate cereal with eggs ; I was always in for fun !

3) Stir up……who inspires him
I am a hardcore Gordon Ramsay devotee ! His attitude towards Cooking has been impeccable. And my granny’s yummy food has always intrigued me to peep into the kitchen.

4)Best recipe ever………what food he swears by
I love Chicken. Be it in any form; Grilled/Fried/Roasted/Curried/Cold Spread/ Salad/Baked ! I can cook a yummy Chicken Curry in 20 mins!

5)In heaven…….favorite place to eat
Being a foodie I love to explore various places to eat, but this summer season its time for cold treats. Natural frozen Yogurt!! “Snog” at Covent garden(London) is an amazing place to chill out! I’m in love with their playful ambience and endless flavour options! http://www.ifancyasnog.com/.

6) Piece of sugar……..a piece of advice
OLIVE OIL is the best for you ! Health does matter at the end! Avoid extra virgin olive oil as it might ruin your taste, go for the normal one.
Marinating meat overnight would bring more flavour and reduces cooking time.

 7)Follow the ant trail…….where to find and follow Shashi
 My blog is a platform to communicate all my ideas!
 You can visit my blog : http://cardamompoppadom.wordpress.com/

I love cooking, it takes the stress out of me ! I would love to travel around the world and record all my tastings. Below are the pics of my upcoming recipes!

Christmas with Gordon Ramsay is one of favourite cook books ! Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child is a new addition to my collection. Do visit my blog! Feel free and do post your comments!! Till then , Bon Appétit !

I’m sure you guys will enjoy reading this.. a huge thank you to Shashi, you make me wanna cook! xoxoxo

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